Launch Pending for Q2 2019.

The Produrance system: a building block for mobile Medical applications.  DCPower4C has now complemented her Circadian Hot Swap Power solution and Quick Connect with a new powerful modular battery solution known as the Produrance system.

At the heart of every battery are the cells. The quality of these defines the Customer experience. DCPower4C has been using Premium or professional cells - which we consider to have the best performance in terms of power – life – reliability - gravimetrics and safety on the world market. Our cell packs, made in Europe under stringent quality control cannot be compared to consumer cells batteries churned out in low cost markets which are found in just about every medical battery today. That’s why battery problems are so common! In the medical environment this should be completely unacceptable. Now Health Care professionals and OEM suppliers have a choice.

The Produrance System concept is to make power modules called CC-Modules. Each delivering 200W with its own charge control, and individually compliant to IEC 62133 and 60601. The CC-modules can work independently or plug into a DC/DC Master PCB. This PCB has input slots for up to 8 CC-Modules.

I.e.: 200, 400, 600, 800 …………1600Wh of power. With 2 PCBs up to 3200Wh!


  • Each individual Master PCB is designed for a max output of 960W.
  • Each Master PCB can output Remaining Run-time, SOC, SOH, info to an external processor or hook up via LAN/Wi-Fi to a central Dashboard!
  • Each default Master PCB outputs at a regulated 14, 28 or 48 Volt. ( 19-30V etc. are programmable, as well as a Linear Discharge setting for devices with older analogue type communication)
  • Each CC-Module has a 3 year warranty on capacity – to be above 80%.


The modular building block design gives Equipment manufacturers huge flexibility in Capacity, Load Capability, Shape, and Voltage output, whilst having a light weight and low volume system with the longest guaranty on the market. That implies the highest possible level of reliability and both the TCO and WLC are excellent. If repairs or replacements are needed, or indeed more capacity the modular system – plug and play – makes this simple.

The smart battery communication possibilities are second to none. The safety technology and track record the best on the world market.

No more Truck or Golf cart batteries, or laptop cell batteries wrapped in tape with an exclusive/expensive connector. No more minimalistic state of charge info and doubts about the longevity and safety of your cell pack.  Let’s get professional! Enhance your medical equipment with optimized enduring-Power and then …….Medical and Maintenance staff will specify your product, and the CFO will tick the Whole Life Costing box.