NICU solution using MPU-300s

3 matched MPU-300 units, combined with 12 C160 or C200 batteries gives a capacity of 1920 or 2400Wh respectively, able to handle a high 800W load. The MPU-300 unit charges when plugged in, acts as a Power supply when batteries are full and offers Hot Swap options for those who require.  The LCD display is mounted externally and shows Battery State of Charge and overall remaining runtime. The system fulfils IEC 60601-1. Designed for long cycle life, light weight and reliability versus typical UPS solution. Voltage output set at 25V implemented for inverter - pictured)

This NICU unit is comprised of a:

Incubator: Globetrotter T1500 (approx. 270W power consumption, continuous use)

Ventilator: Reanimator F120 (approx. 60W power consumption, continuous use)

 Suction: Laerdal Suction Unit (approx. 60W power consumption, intermittent use)

 Monitor: Philips Intellivue MX400 (approx. 50W power consumption, continuous use)

 Up to 5 syringe pumps: Asena CC (approx. 20W power consumption each, continuous use)

Ituses a 24V Inverter.

Continuous Name plate Load: 480W + Intermittent 60W = 540W. In reality load is much lower. Theoretical Runtime is over 3 hours. In Practice 10 hours achieved

 Benefits are:

  • Improved Runtime information. Clearly displayed in hours and minutes and Accurate to the minute. Operators can rely on data and plan accordingly
  • Longer overall NICU uptime gives added security in power down situations. Previous UPS solution gave just 40 minutes.
  • Long Battery life / warranty (3 years above 80%) reduces long term costs.
  • Hot swap batteries add flexibility, and immediate visibility on State of Charge and of battery Health allows Hospital staff to make decisions. Older batteries that have lost some capacity, but are still viable can be replaced with new and used on less critical applications for many years.
  • In built System redundancy, still operational with just 2 batteries on 2 MPU-300