This solution has 2 Circadian® 200 batteries, a Hot Swap unit & a 160W Power Supply for charging; all hidden in a bed mounted box, with only the LCD display mounted for operator information. Typical full runtime is 2.5 to 3 hours hours. University Clinic testing confirms that the remaining run-time is accurate to the minute. Previous SLA solutions failed quickly requiring frequent replacement. Run times were low and increasingly uncertain as the battery quickly aged. What happens if an Ambulance has engine failure, or if multiple successive incidents occur? Operators complained that Voltage drops and the system turning On/Off, as the SLA battery aged, (internal resistance increased) creating uncertainty and danger.


Intended Use: Used on Ambulance Beds and Internal transport


  • LCD communicating remaining runtime give operators clear information
  • Reduced patient risk
  • Significantly improved run time and thus efficiency
  • Medically approved systems components
  • Comparatively Lightweight and compact system
  • Longer battery life, which will improve reliability, TCO and Whole life costs
  • Charge up at any time, Hot-Swap option for longer usage.
  • Unique State of Health Control on batteries with immediate Age-decline information