Most Hospitals have 1-2 Mobile pacemaker control carts that are needed on call across the clinic. The DataLinQ system built by Fysicon interacts with the leading Pacemaker control units and documents the pacemaker parameters. The cart needs to be mobile, ready to go and reliable when called. Partner Hospitals have been calling for a reliable battery system for some time, valuing compactness and long life.

Kit Options:

The Quick Connect with Circadian® C80 or C160 batteries provides power to both units with a Y cable designed by Fysicon. The battery is charged via a 220W on Cart medically approved 2 x MOPP Power supply and the cart is plugged in between usage. There is an option to use desktop or wall chargers and simply swap depleted batteries. The battery LED display gives information on the State of Charge and if the button is pressed for 2 seconds the LEDs show state of health giving the Hospital technician immediate age control.


  • Long term Reliability – the unit is ready to go
  • Compact and light weight
  • Medically certified system
  • Easy control of actual Capacity and battery decline.