Blood Testing is an area undergoing significant Efficiency gains as digital technology is implemented. The Partner Hospital currently takes blood and hand writes the tube labels which are then enveloped to the Test station where staff decipher the labels and  print new labels before conducting the test.

The cart pictured includes a scanner and PAD (5V) and a 24V label printer. Patients IDs are now scanned and printed and blood tubes immediately correctly documented.

Per Patient this saves on average 1-2 minutes, whilst also reducing the error rate associated with double documentation.

The partner Hospital currently samples 5000 tubes per day, so savings exceed 100 hours per day, a significant efficiency gain. More importantly error rate reduction obviously improves patient safety, satisfaction and further reduces costs.


Kit Options:

The Quick Connect with C80 or C160 batteries provides power to the 24V printer and via a 5V splitter to the Scanner/Card reader and documentation PAD. The system is lightweight and compact for the nurse, and charging can be on cart, on desktop or wall charger.


  • Enormous efficiency gain in Nurse / staff time
  • Improved accuracy of documentation
  • Test times reduced.
  • Nurses valued a compact light mobile cart without battery reliability issues.