Service needs are multi-faceted and we ask you to follow the guidelines below. In most cases your supplier is legally responsible and best equipped to handle your needs, however DCPower4C is always keen to receive customer feedback and advise on resolving any questions or issues.

1) Urgent response required: Fire or Heat (although theoretically ruled out) or wide scale inventory Power downs. Please contact DCPower4C immediately. In case of fire, please cut the power and evacuate the immediate area. Safe fire extinguishers are Carbon Dioxide types. Any heat – hot to touch- issues should trigger precautions. Remove battery from any equipment and isolate. See online manual for more detail.

2) Frequent unresolved Power issues: Please do let DCPower4C know and provide as much information on what the problem is. We would like a contact person to speak to. Often these might be application or workflow related which we see as a communication issue on our side. If we cannot resolve remotely we will send engineers to investigate.

3) Product Failure. We request that you contact your supplier, who is obliged to resolve locally and report back to us. This also covers warranty claims. If your local supplier is no longer able to properly support you, then please feel free to contact us directly. First step must be a problem description by email or phone. Most issues can be resolved this way. Sending in product is a second step, requires an RMA, since batteries are transport restricted and thus costly to ship we need to understand the situation first.

4) Free Testing and Recycling. We will test any battery returned to us - free of charge and provide Battery Health feedback to you.  If the battery is at the end of its life we will recycle at our cost - subject to your approval.

5) How to questions are welcome. Please do send an email and please provide details, if you want to power a new application, give us the manufacturer name, the model number, the voltage, the max and normal loads and info on how frequently you intend to use etc. Our Engineers will then advise.

6) Feedback good or bad is welcome and indeed required. Please email any comments, experiences or suggestions for improvement to infoThis email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. . This will be reviewed on a regular basis and used to help us improve products and service levels going forward.