General: Please avoid simply sending in product for repair. Please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. first with either an RMA form or at least a description of what products, serial numbers, the problem and the application and workflow scenario with contact details to which we will assign an RMA number.

In many cases shipping product is a complete waste of resources. Batteries are classified as Dangerous Goods and if they are defective, may not be shipped and are probably not worth repairing.

 When can DCPower4C charge for a repair?

 If the product is out of warranty there is a minimum charge €25, on repair.

  • A Handling fee of €25 applies to all incoming products that have no problem. This is due to the labour and parts that maybe required to open, test, and analyse a product.
  • If a component or sub-component in the Product has been specified by the customer. In such cases a cost + labour charge will be made.
  • DCpower4C will automatically repair and invoice the repair of a product if the repair charge is below 25% of the original list price.
  • Where possible DCPower4C will ask by email for approval before an expensive repair is made. If the repair is not approved, DCPower4C will apply the handling charge and return ship or dispose of the product in question.
  • DCpower4C will invoice the repair charge and expect full payment before return shipment.
  • Items that do not receive approval for repair from a customer, who also does not agree to the Handling fee and return shipment charges, will be disposed of after 30 days if no further communication takes place.
  • Any products loaned to the customer for whatever reason, must be return shipped with 30 days of the repair return or upon written request of DCpower4C or it will be invoiced at the standard applicable price.

Customer rights:

  1. Customers are entitled to a prompt acknowledgement of their incoming repair shipment within 5 working days.
  2. Standard repairs of products sent in under an RMA number should be completed within 15 working days. Requests for approval or information stop the clock. Non-availability of parts that could delay a repair are acceptable grounds to delay a repair if advised on the RMA request confirmation.
  3. DCPower4Cs failure to satisfy the above will entitle the customer to a 50% discount on the repair and return transport invoice. After 30 days a full 100% discount applies.
  4. Customers are entitled to an explanation of the problem and a description of measures taken

Transport costs

We expect customers to pay for their shipment to us in full and we will pay the return shipment to them within the warranty period, so we certainly wish to avoid unnecessary costs, fees, duties, and taxes. Any repair shipment arriving at DCPower4C involving costs – for example customs charges – will be rejected or the costs invoiced to the customer. Customers are advised to respect the DG shipping regulations. Please ensure sturdy packaging to protect products from impact damage. If PCBs are sent loose, only send in correct ESD bags!

Disposal, Recycling.

We will recycle any defective incoming product at our cost. But we would advise customers that the transport to us is usually more expensive and less environmentally friendly than using a local recycling specialist.

Warranty terms are:

The standard DCPower4c warranty is X years from the date of purchase, unless otherwise stated on the Price list, Spec sheet or Quotation. Warranty claims with no supporting invoice copy will default to date of manufacture.

The standard Warranty covers defects in materials or workmanship and is valid from the date of purchase (invoice date). Battery Warranty on capacity is defined as XX% of rated capacity in Amp hours. We also define a cycle max in the warranty period, which assumes more than 1 cycle per calendar day. Be aware there are Battery models with different definitions!

 DCPower4C will repair or replace the product at DCPower4C’s option and cost. Customers claiming warranty should fill out the RMA on the DCPower4C website and on receiving an RMA number should send in the products at their cost. Return shipment will be at DCpower4C’s cost.

This warranty does not apply to and is void in the case of Defects or Damage resulting from accidents, disaster, neglect, deep discharge, misuse, improper transportation, improper storage improper installation, improper or unauthorised service or Maintenance, unauthorised replacement of parts, or dysfunction or malfunction caused by liquid ingress damage or any other product or device.

The liability of DCPower4C hereunder shall expressly be limited to a claim for repair or replacement of the product at DCpower4C’s sole discretion.

This warranty is construed under the law of the Netherlands and any actions brought forward pertaining to this warranty shall be brought only in the Netherlands.

Any prior equipment replacement or loan pending Warranty Investigation will be invoiced and then credited on receipt of the defective product.


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