Welcome to DCPower4C, manufacturer of

The Circadian® System - Hot Swap Batteries, and Quick Mounting boxes

The ProDurance System - Modular Block Batteries, and QPD boxes for Cart refurbishment.

Flexible Energy systems for mobile hospital equipment.  Run everything around the clock with no power down or plugging in. 

  • Long life, Reliability & Mobility
  • Modular components for Flexibility and System Evolution
  • Unparalleled Safety and Hygiene,
  • Control and Cost Effective Maintenance
  • Light weight - Nurse friendly easy use
  • Quality Manufacturing in The Netherlands, backed by experienced engineering support
  • 80 to 920Wh options and high load capability
  • 36 month long life performance warranty to 80% for a maximum TCO

See "DCPower4C Product Range" in Downloads / brochures for pictorial overview