Welcome to DCPower4C, manufacturer of

The Circadian® System - Hot Swap Batteries, and Quick Mounting boxes

The ProDurance System - build in your required capacity with Modular Block Batteries, Charge units and LCD.

QPD Boxes DC or AC versions to convert Non-Powered Carts or refurbish powered carts. Mounting externally on any cart.

Certified, Flexible, Cart Agnostic Energy systems for mobile hospital equipment.  Run everything around the clock with no power down as DC or AC solutions.

  • Long life, Reliable Uptime & Mobility
  • Modular components for Flexibility and System Evolution
  • Unparalleled Safety and Hygiene,
  • Control and Cost Effective Maintenance
  • Light weight - Nurse friendly - easy to use
  • Quality Manufacturing in The Netherlands, backed by experienced engineering support
  • 80 to 920Wh options and high load capability
  • 36 month long life performance warranty to 80% for a maximum TCO

See "DCPower4C Product Range" in Downloads / brochures for pictorial overview