Medical IT carts

Powered Carts are increasingly common in modern Hospitals and are a critical component of the Digitalization strategy that promises to massively reduce staff costs and wasted time, increase efficiency, avoid mistakes associated with paper administration, thus significantly improving patient outcomes in terms of Mortality and Quality of life and finally improving Disease management by making Diagnostic, Therapy and Therapy control data available for analysis.

The major challenge for Cart manufacturers is finding a power solution that is nurse friendly and that will run the IT infrastructure around the clock without Power down or repetitive plugging in, allowing the IT architecture to evolve with new technology, and making maintenance costs and inventory budgeting effective and easy.

The challenge for the Hospital is to educate the Financial decision makers to the fact that a low cost battery solution on mobile carts, will not only quickly lead to unreliability and then failure with consequences for Compliance, Workflow Efficiency and frequent replacement cycles leading to a poor TCO but much more significantly to a massive productivity reversal, nullifying the benefits and investment costs of digitalization.

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