Mobile Medical Equipment

The universal and flexible design in terms of capacity, load and voltage output of the DCpower4C battery systems allows the Hospital to power a wide range of equipment using just one system, with one maintenance management regime. The prize is simplicity and reliability - both the Circadian as well as the ProDurance batteries with 3 year warranties to 80% capacity solve the biggest hospital headache: persistent battery failure. A recent US study by the FDA, reported that over 50% of hospital service calls relate to battery issues! Furthermore 80% of batteries are routinely replaced without testing – usually after 1 year - because confidence in the batteries is low and the cost of control of myriad batteries is simply too high.

All DCPower4C batteries have IEC 62133 certification conducted by a Certified body - the prerequisite for an IEC 60601 declaration. if you would like to discuss a solution to power your mobile equipment more reliably, please let us know on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.