The QPD Box was designed to provide a solution for:

NON-Powered Carts: Well over 50% of IT carts are not powered and thus have severe mobility and functional limitations. Some do not even have a dedicated position to hold a battery system. Many High End carts have battery systems that are so heavy or so expensive that the battery system is simply not sold.

Laptop Carts are frequently expected to rely solely on the the inbuilt laptop battery. Such batteries are not designed to handle the high cycle hospital environment and fail rapidly and thus frequently causing huge costs and User frustration and in many cases failure of the digitalisation project. A very similar pattern is emerging with the inbuilt AIO batteries. The QPD box can quickly turn these situations around, feeding the laptop or AIO through the AC/DC adapter port at the full performance rate and running for over 24 hours if required.

Refurbishment of powered carts: many powered carts are equipped with block batteries, often using chargers from 3rd party suppliers, that can perform poorly, adding high weight to the cart and often either provide too much or too little power. On the whole they are coupled with inefficient inverters that leak power and the standard charging systems frequently use over double the required power to recharge the battery - a major cost over a seven year cart life! Also an environmental no go area. The QPD options are significantly lighter, much more efficient and have the benefit of adapting the power to the actual requirement. Why use 500Wh when you need 150Wh or why use a 500Wh battery on a cart requiring 600Wh? The QPD covers these issues with choice of capacity, so that the battery can match the application. With significantly higher warranties - specifically on capacity retention- , instead of the rather useless mechanical stability of the battery, offered by most block batteries, the QPD boxes are a much more secure long term investment; the ability to easily swap the cell packs for new modules just improves this calculation.

Medication or box type carts: Next to patient data management, IT is increasingly important on medication and other equipment or supply carts in order to integrate data, improve logistics, decrease wastage and optimize management. These carts are increasingly adding IT, scanners and printers and mobility is a benefit to workflow. The externally mounted QPD box is ideal in terms of the flat profile and the option to provide long run times for the onboard IT.


Clearly there are many other applications that will benefit from the QPD box features. Going forward DCPower4C anticipates making a range of such boxes to power hospital equipment. Let us know what you would need!