QPD Boxes give the customer a wide range of choices within a single platform using  standardized sub components to enhance availability and keep costs under control. 

Capacity: choose between (200 or 240), (400 or 480) or (600 or 720) Wh power. The standard capacity options have a 3 Year warranty to retain 80% of initial capacity - the highest battery capacity warranty on the cart market today - underlining the reliability, long life, and long term low system cost. The higher capacity versions have a 2 Year warranty to 60%.

Voltage output: choose between 12, 14, 19, 24 or opt for a dual or triple voltage output in the DC version. DCPower4C can provide a range of DC cables. AC versions are 220V or 110V using a 400W pure sinewave inverter. Standard loads are 150W max continuous with the option of adding capability to 275W max continuous.

Mounting: The rear side has mounting screw-holes at top and bottom, which can fit to a range of metal brackets or cleats, allowing QPD to be designed locally for all cart types and positions.

Adaptability or Evolution:

  • The 200/240Wh ProDurance blocks which are simply screwed- and plugged in can be swapped out for newer versions as they age, allowing the customer to refresh battery power locally, optimizing the long term investment, avoiding cart down time, and improving the environmental impact.
  • The ProDurance blocks are smart batteries, each block manages its own charge and communication, which means that future cell chemistries, algorithm advances etc are all system compatible.
  • The ability to add or remove blocks will allow customers to adapt their cart power to changing requirements. For Example, a 480Wh battery can be immediately upgraded to a 720Wh capacity or a Voltage output added by slotting in an additional PCB.

LCD Display: Users want clear and accurate information on how full/empty the battery is and how long they can keep working. The LCD display shows the state of charge, graphically in colour, visible from 10 meters, it also shows this information as a percentage, with a low battery (below 20%) turning yellow, and an extremely low battery (below 10%) turning orange. If the cart is plugged in to charge or run from mains, the LCD will warn the user. The constant remaining runtime information in hours and minutes is accurate enough for Ambulance emergency life support equipment usage.

Securely Plugged in to Charge: On-Cart charging via the inbuilt medically approved 2xMOPP power supply. All versions have an input for a standard IEC13 charge cord, which should be purchased locally- this allows local choices on plug type, cable length and shape. A fixation accessory allows the cable to be secured against dropping out of the box.

Medical Approval: The internal battery system has passed UN38.8 safety testing and the more aggressive IEC 62133 lab safety tests that form the backbone of a IEC60601-1 declaration. The system is an accessory to a medical product and is registered and safe for medical use.

USB Communication: An output will allow the customer to feed runtime data to the on-cart monitor, or maintenance to run diagnostic tests on battery parameters and to upgrade the systems batteries, PCBs and LCD displays if desired. Upgrades can be to fix bugs, or change Display presentation or language, and to address workflow issues particular to a select customer.

The DC system contains no in built fans, the AC version includes a fan for cooling.

Safety: The only connection to the electrical mains is via a medically approved 2xMOPP power supply that isolate Patients and medical staff from any danger. The internal power is SELV, Safe extra low voltage – under 50V.  The batteries have state of the art technology, including a triple redundancy on safety measures.