This product line was developed to achieve a simple refurbishment or to convert Non-Powered carts into a powered solution – either Hot Swap or Plug-in to charge, or both. It is cart agnostic and often at a lower cost than the recommended cart battery. Market research shows that around 50% of carts are sold without a power solution. Clearly this impedes mobility and Point of Care documentation and thus reduces the efficiency and health outcome benefits of the cart investment. With Quick Boxes local suppliers can remedy the situation with a simple external power fix, either Hot Swap or Plug in, either AC or DC output at multiple capacities with a long warranty on capacity!

The picture inserts show a Human Scale T7 with the Quick Box mounted underneath.


A third option is the MPAC box, which is larger, but has space to hide all the diverse on-cart power supplies, adaptors and other accessories. The effect is to remove clutter and loose hanging cables – which can be highly problematic on specific cart models. The picture shows a GCX cart set up with dual monitors for telemedicine applications.