There are several different Quick Box options to choose from.

The primary decision is whether to go for a DC Box which being more efficient will significantly improve run-times, or to choose an AC box, which will contain an inverter for 230/110V output. The AC Box version will have a single output that can via an adapter convert into multiple outputs. If using equipment with multiple voltages or indeed unknown voltages, AC is more convenient. The inbuilt inverter is Pure Sine Wave and Fan-Less, so there is no noise, fan clogging or hygiene issues. The battery DC conversion (14 to 19V) to an IT unit DC typically loses 2-3%. The DC-AC-DC conversion (14 to230 to 19V) will use 20-30% of the battery power.

A 3rd option is the larger MPAC box which has space for positioning additional  3rd party power supplies and accessories neatly out of sight on the cart.

  • Quick AC Box with a 220V output at the top, handling a 150-175W load. Plug in an LCD for runtime and capacity information. There is also a Power supply input for charging, although the assumption is that the customer would Hot Swap batteries.
  • Quick AC Box with 2 internal DC/DC PCBs. This allows a higher top load of c 250W. The inbuilt inverters are the Mean Well Pure sine wave 200W. DCP4C can build in 110V versions and/or the 400W version if requested.
  • Quick DC Box. This has one DC/DC PCB supplying one Voltage. It also contains a Power Supply, so it can be plugged in to charge. We think many users will operate this way. However Hot Swapping is of course possible. Many Hospitals will plug in as standard workflow and have batteries for back up Hot Swap.
  • Quick DC Box with two PCBs. This allows 2 simultaneous voltage outputs selected from 12/14/19 and 24V or a higher load on a single voltage.
  • MPAC Box, also known as the Big AC Box. This includes standard Inverters, PCBs and the Power supply, and has extra space for 3rd party Power supplies, splitters etc, so that all the On-Cart power accessories can be neatly tucked away out of sight and charged via a single cable.

 All systems have 3-year manufacturers / mechanical warranty and the batteries have a 3-year capacity warranty to be above 80%.

We expect and advise that interested parties talk with Us on the ideal constellation and mounting method, so that we can meet the customer requirement.