Hospital Feedback was very clear. If they hot swap, they need to clean the batteries multiple times a day with soapy, or alcoholic solutions, since between 20-30% of clinical infections can be prevented by optimizing hygiene. In the EU, hospital infections are directly responsible for 37000 deaths and indirectly contribute to a further 110,000 deaths, so Hygiene is a primary consideration and indeed is in terms of Return on Investment even a cost saving feature.

The Circadian® batteries are completely washable. The outputs are deactivated when the battery is not on the C-Mount, so no contact shorts are possible.

The IP rating refers to dust and water ingress on a scale from 0-8, the higher the value the better the rating. With IP65,  the 1st digit 6, is dust, the 2nd, 5 in this case is the water rating. A 0 rating for example means, don’t even wipe it with a damp cloth, only the 5, 6 and 7 ratings give a high degree of security and require specialist design. 


Furthermore the Circadian on Cart chargers are fan-less, avoiding the spread of dust or other undesirable particles.