The Quick Connect system can refurbish so called Non-Powered Carts, or Poorly Powered Carts, helping Nurses by ending frustratingly bad battery reliability & runtimes; and the Hospital budget by avoiding the high costs of repeat replacements. The installation of the inexpensive and light weight Quick Connect is simple and due to the long Circadian battery capacity/warranty, the result is significantly more cost effective. Hospitals with a large inventory of Circadian batteries can expand the system to power a multitude of applications, all within one medically approved system and with one maintenance control regime. The Quick Connect features a Power supply input for direct On-Cart charging (160W) and outputs including a 5V USB for PADs and a simultaneous Barrel output which can be set to (one of) 14, 19 or 24V. Laptop jack cables are available with the correct input jack/tip for most professional brands.

Pick your Capacity: a single 80, 160, 200Wh battery or multiples to Hot Swap with 320, 400Wh.. Etc. to run any load up to 90W.  The low load allows the battery to exceed the life expectancy already promised by long warranties at high capacity! That means lower costs, improved reliability, TCO and overall digital project ROI.

Attach The Quick Connect to any cart or pole Cart.  The default design assumption is that the Cart equipment will already have a battery:  the Quick Connect will significantly lengthen battery runtime and allow for a one battery Hot Swap, so that the application remains powered up 24-7. Those without internal batteries can hot swap using the power supply, and those without DC input connectors, can use a small inverter. A solution for every application!

Using Quick Connect helps the original batteries to live significantly longer (5-10X), because they are no longer fully or deep discharged. The operating time of the equipment is massively extended, and when hot swapping, is around the clock. The Circadian battery will charge the Application battery to full, whilst it discharges. When the Circadian battery is empty, the Application battery is still full and able to run for some time. The Circadian battery LEDs will show the empty status and the nurse can hot-swap a new battery or plug in for an on-cart charge between rounds.

Why is the battery life so long?  The Circadian batteries have a 3 year warranty to be above 80% capacity even if running high powered applications. However the typical Quick connect application is using between 10 and 40W and at such low loads we expect battery life to exceed 6 years. The secret is in using Premium or Professional, and  not consumer cell-packs, designed for harsh usage patterns. Although more expensive, the life cost of ownership of such batteries is in fact significantly lower.