The ProDurance system: DCPower4C has now complemented her Circadian Hot Swap Power solutions with a new powerful modular battery solution known as the ProDurance system - a building block for mobile Medical applications. 

The Produrance System concept is to make Smart Power Modules using strictly matched premium cells. Each Pack delivers 200-240W with its own BMS & charge control. Each is individually compliant to IEC 62133 and 60601. The modules can work independently or plug into a DC/DC Master PCB. These PCBs have input slots for 2 or 4 Smart Power Modules.

200, 240, 400, 480, 600,720, 800, & 960 Wh options are available.

The DC/DC PCB can be set to output 12/14/19 or 24V. Attach an inverter to the 14V output and AC is available. The Load rating is 150W (175peak). To double load capability or add a 2nd voltage output level just install a 2nd Piggy Back PCB.

An optional LCD display gives medical staff graphical and procentual State of Charge and remaining run-time information.

Plug in the Medically approved power supply and the system charges up, with full state of the art algorithm technology featuring balancing modes.

The modular building block design gives Equipment manufacturers huge flexibility in Capacity, Load Capability, Shape, and Voltage output, whilst having a light weight and low volume system with long warranty. That implies the highest possible level of reliability and both the T.C.O. and W.L.C are excellent. If repairs or replacements are needed, or indeed more capacity, the modular system – plug and play – makes this simple.

The smart battery communication possibilities are implemented, all data can be pulled via a USB.

The Power Modules and system are made in Europe with cells from Japan.


Produrance XL

Taking this concept further, DCPower4C will launch an XL version in Q4 2020.

This will have a master PCB with 8 slots for the Smart Power Modules. That means 1600 to 1920Wh is available. This will have 14, 24 and 48V outputs. The real innovation is however the load capability which will be at 1000W in the 48V setting. Add an inverter and these massive loads can be powered whilst fully mobile.

Medical Rack systems, MICUs, NICUs are all suitable applications.

As above add a Power Supply to charge and use the LCD display for run-time and charge information. Higher rated medical power supplies are available.