ProDurance battery systems are designed to be built into carts. Next to the key benefits of Long battery life and Competitive pricing, the top benefit is complete flexibility in terms of design and choices in a conscious effort to differentiate from the standard "one size fits all" approach in the cart market.

Capacity choices are 200, 240, 400, 480, 600 or 720Wh. Now one can match the capacity to the actual need.

Warranty choices: Whilst the system has a 3 year manufacturers functional warranty, the battery capacity retention warranty can be a standard 2 years to 60% or an exceptional 3 years to 80%. The price is the same, you decide on the trade-off between more initial capacity or a longer life at a high capacity level.

Output choices: Do you want DC or AC outputs? AC or 220/110V out is often easier to set up and allows quicker adaptation over time as new equipment is added to the cart. DC versions are however much more efficient, saving up to 30% of battery capacity, giving a cost, power, charge time and environmental benefit.

Voltage Choices: the fan-less AC voltage is delivered by a 230V pure sine wave Inverter (or a 110V US version); the DC version voltage can be set to 12V, 14V, 19V or 24V using a switch on the PCB. Some medical monitors and accessories, run on 12 Volt, whilst many 12V inverters require the 14Volt setting to run optimally. 19V is the default IT setting for Laptops, Micro PCs or AIOs. 24V often covers printers, scanners, or USB hubs. If you need 2 DC voltages, add a 2nd PCB to provide this.

Mounting Position choices: ProDurance blocks can mount stacked or next to each other, in box form or on their side,  whatever fits in the cart space available and matches the User requirement.

Load Choices: whilst the standard electronics handles a 150W/175W load, customers have already added multiple PCBs to power applications pulling over 400W. This can be DC or for AC, higher rated inverters can be added to the system.

 Fixed Benefits:

LCD Display: Users want clear and accurate info on how full/empty the battery is and how long they can keep working. The LCD display shows the state of charge, graphically in colour, visible from 10 meters, it also shows this information as a percentage, with a low battery (below 20%) turning yellow, and an extremely low battery (below 10%) turning orange. If the cart is plugged in to charge or run from mains, the LCD will warn the user. The constant remaining runtime information in hours and minutes is accurate enough for Ambulance emergency life support equipment usage.

Lightweight / compact solutions. A typical total 500W ProDurance solution weighs 4.5kg, well down from the current standard block battery/charger/inverter systems forming a huge block at the bottom of the cart weighing from 14kg upwards. This is a user friendly solution, with huge value considering the prevalent productivity losses due to frequent Nurse back issues.

Securely Plugged in to Charge: All versions have an input for a standard IEC 13 charge cord, which should be purchased locally- this allows local choices on plug type, cable length and shape. A fixation accessory allows the cable to be secured against dropping out of the box.

Medical Approval: The internal battery system has passed UN38.8 safety testing and the more aggressive IEC 62133 lab safety tests that form the backbone of a IEC60601-1 declaration. The system is an accessory to a medical product and is registered and safe for medical use.

USB Communication: An output will allow the customer to feed runtime data to the on-cart monitor, or maintenance to run diagnostic tests on battery parameters and to upgrade the systems batteries, PCBs and LCD displays if desired. Upgrades can be to fix bugs, or change Display presentation or language, and to address workflow issues particular to a select customer.

Silent operation: The standard system contains no in built fans that can irritate with noise, clog up with dust or cause hygiene issues in vulnerable locations. There are no system inherent beeps or noise alarms unless the customer actively opts for an Audio LCD accessory.

Safety: The only connection to the electrical mains is via a medically approved 2xMOPP power supply that isolate Patients and medical staff from any danger. The internal power is SELV, Safe extra low voltage – under 50V – and if the inverter option is used this is additionally controlled and isolated from the mains via the battery DC Management circuitry.  The batteries have state of the art technology, including a triple redundancy on safety measures. 

Energy Efficiency: Unlike most block batteries which have a default energy wastage in both fixed Inverter use and outdated charging technology from the Lead Acid days, ProDurance offers a DC/DC option saving up to 30% of battery power and state of the art power supplies using significantly (40-50%) less power on the daily charge.