Hot Swap batteries for IT applications on Carts formally require a CE declaration. The Circadian® System also fulfills  the "medical CE" or IEC 60601 and related Battery Safety testing IEC 62133 (by Dekra - Certified Body). Under the MDD the Circadian products are class I and are described as a Medical Device accessory. The system is SELV, which means Safe Extra Low Voltage, which means there is no risk to operators and users. System Power Supplies are medically approved to 2xMOPP spec. The Circadian® battery has also been  tested to verify the IP65 rating confirming Dust and Water proofing.Under IP or Ingress Protection, the 6 stands for "totally dust tight" and the 5 means waterproof, but not protected from immersion.

Lithium Ion batteries require UN 38.3 safety testing, without which they cannot be transported. The Circadian® system has passed this rigorous test. 

T1 – Altitude Simulation 
T2 – Thermal Test  
T3 – Vibration  
T4 – Shock  
T5 – External Short Circuit 
T6 – Impact
T7 – Overcharge  
T8 – Forced Discharge  

All products are ROHs compliant. REACH compliance is confirmed by our supplier, we do not import raw materials into Europe and do not work chemically hazardous materials.