Commitment to Quality

Quality is a claim – made by almost every supplier- and is sadly increasingly meaningless.

In the table below a list of reasons we think our quality is superior to that of our competitors- of course this is in general terms, not all points apply to all competitors:

 At DCPower4C, we are acutely aware that a European manufacturer must go many steps further to ensure customer loyalty:

  • Keeping Suppliers close: all key components can be made in China at a fraction of the cost, yet we will always opt for:
    • Best Quality components
    • Local suppliers – not because they are European, but because their engineers can meet with ours whenever needed, design in the quality, resolve issues together and own the solution as partners
  • Tolerance Control in component selection: whether making Cell packs, chargers or specifying loads for power suppliers or inverters, there are always choices in the specs
  • Flexibility and the ability to react to the customer need.
  • Support: another tired word. Our Engineers are local, in your time zone, speaking your language and are therefore accountable to you the customer.