Laptop Jack input tips and Cables

Connecting DCPower4C products to IT equipment should be easy, if information is available. Often that is not straight forward, as equipment manufacturers restrict information in order to control aftermarket sales.  To connect up we need to understand the voltage, the load, and the type of connector required and the cable length.

If there is a DC input, there is a solution in nearly all cases.

The DCPower4C outputs are pre-set at 14V (unless otherwise requested) – but can be reset in the field to 12, 19 or 24V. There are two types of DC output on DCPower4C products, a Switchkraft barrel connector (Switchkraft S10) and a Green 3 pole monitor plug from Wurth Electronics (WR-TBL Series 351) which is cheaper and is the standard solution.

  1. The connector (Switchkraft S10) can be purchased from DCpower4C or indeed online so that cables can be made locally. The connector is high quality, high current capable (11A) and has a lock screw to make sure nothing can slip.
  2. DCpower4C can confect cables with connector and a Jack to your specification. 
  3. DCpower4C can also deliver a pre confected cable with connector and a Jack kit adaptor together with 28 jack tips that are claimed to power 85% of current laptops, or customers can purchase their own Jack tip sets and make their own cable. These kits have worked well so far and are not expensive. They are sourced from China, and the documentation on which Jack tip fit which laptop is poor and the latest laptop is not always supported. Customers going down this route are strongly advised to test a solution, before committing to a large order.
  4. The third option is to use an OEM cable from a supplier to the laptop industry. Our supplier can make cables for all Laptop brands. These cables include any 3rd pins or communication PCBs. We need to know the Brand, Model and version of laptop involved. We would deliver the 60W-70W type cables.
  5. The 5 Volt USB output (Quick Connect only) takes standard cables, not supplied by DCpower4C. There is a standard 2A max load (10W). This can run parallel to the Barrel connector output.