All Lithium Ion batteries must be recycled properly. They contain scarce chemicals and furthermore they represent a hazard if disposed off together with normal waste.

There are three options for recycling batteries:

  • Use your local recycling specialist. They normally provide special containers rental, and pick up on request with a weight related charge.
  • Contact your battery supplier, they are - at least in the EU - obliged to handle recycling of batteries introduced into the market.
  • Fill out the DCPower4C RMA form and ship to us. We will recycle correctly at our cost. 

From the above options, the first is almost certainly the cheapest for the customer. The reason is the comparably high transport costs of Lithium ion. Any battery exceeding the 100Wh name-plate capacity is subject to Dangerous Goods regulations that entail special packaging, labeling and additional charges.


Similarly electronic waste from Chargers, Mounts and the Hot Swap module should be recycled by a specialist company and not via standard waste. As above DCPower4C will correctly process any products returned to us. Please fill out our RMA form first - see downloads.